August Notices

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LINK to Reading Quaker faith and practice: introduction [see also MfWfB August 2 minutes]
The Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group invites you to join with us, and other Quakers across the country, in reading and getting to know our current Book of Discipline. We have discerned that this is an important preliminary step before a decision is sought
You could set up one or more reading/study groups in your meeting,
or Friends can join in as individuals. From September, ideas for group or individual activities and resource materials for group facilitators will be available for free download via the Being Friends Together website. The Friend will be running a series of articles, and there will be opportunities to share insights through online conversation about any possible revision.

LINK to Books of the month

LINK to Among Friends: no.133 Summer 2015 Published by the Europe and Middle East Section of Friends World Committee for Consultation

LINK to Upcoming courses and events at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

LINK to Quaker Activist Gathering information [web page] Friends House | 21 November 2015 | 10:00-16:30 LINK to flyer

LINK to flyer for Road Maps to Equality: second Birmingham conference on inequality - practical Ways forward for Quakers
The day is designed to prepare for practical action to tackle inequality. The keynote speaker will be Paul Parker, BYM Recording Clerk. There are workshops on health inequality, income inequality, housing equality, food security, and language and media.

LINK to Stop the Arms Fair key events 

The world’s largest arms fair, DSEi, plans to return to East London this September. The UK government helps to organise this arms fair, invites these military buyers from around the world, and helps arms companies to make financially attractive deals. This is done at at taxpayer expense.

Quaker Peace& Social Witness has been working together with a coalition of groups, including Stop the Arms Fair and Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) to build resistance to the arms fair.

Also a LINK to information for young Quakers to witness for peace at the arms fair

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