November Notices from Friends House

Quaker Peace & Social Witness newsletters available online:
Earth and Economy Newsletter for information and action on sustainability and economic justice. Including investing in a green and just economy, what Brexit means for the UK’s trade policy, and news from Friends taking action across the country. www.quaker.org.uk/eartheconomy
Educate and Disarm The latest peace education and disarmament update features the story of a 10 year-old’s conscientious objection, grounds for optimism in the struggle against nuclear weapons, Quakers spreading peacemaking in schools, the Peace Tax Bill and stopping arms to Saudi. www.quaker.org.uk/educate-disarm

Quaker Activist Gathering
Places are still available at the Quaker Activist Gathering on 3 December at Friargate Quaker Meeting House, York. It will be a day to connect, share ideas and to inspire each other. No cost for attending. Places can be booked online at www.quaker.org.uk/events/ activist-gathering or by email kristins@quaker.org.uk.

Children and Young People
Living our faith in the world event
8 –13 April 2017, Embercombe, Exeter, Devon
A five-day event for young Quakers aged 13 to 17 and their friends. Young people will participate in Embercombe’s LEAP Programme which aims to inspire and empower them through learning from the environment by contributing to tasks such as gardening, building and cooking. They will learn sustainable living skills and reflect on their experience in relation to this and Quaker testimonies.
Application deadline: 1 December 2016. Shared accommodation in yurts.
020 7663 1013, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk www.yqspace.org.uk/bym-events

Training and conference
Being Friends Together Training Day
10 November 2016, Woodbrooke, Birmingham
There are still places available on the one-day training event. There is no charge but advance booking is required. It is a day to learn how to explore ‘Being Friends Together online learning material at together.woodbrooke.org.uk. It provides resources to support the national Reading Quaker faith & practice scheme and has historical learning material on our Christian tradition which could augment the Radical Spirituality course recently offered by Lancaster University.
No skill or experience is necessary. Free lunch included. To reserve a place, please email together@quaker.org.uk together.woodbrooke.org.uk
Spirituality and End of Life Conference
4 March 2017, Friargate Meeting House, York
Friends are invited to attend this one-day conference in York to hear from Christian and other faiths about spiritual approaches to end of life issues.
The day will include presentations and small group discussions led by both the speakers and members of the Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR). There will be time for sharing experiences, reflections and questions. A number of speakers have been approached and more details on costs and how to book will be available early next year. QCCIR encourages area meetings to appoint Friends to attend.
Graham Spackman, 020 7663 1021, grahams@quaker.org.uk

Ongoing Outreach
Outreach is for every day not just for Quaker Week!
We are delighted that during September 2016 we sent out 168 enquirers packs to individuals and 742 packs to meetings for you to distribute. This compares with our usual mail out of 200.
If you are planning outreach events, we can mail an invitation to recent enquirers in your area. Let us know the details of your next event and the county at outreach@quaker.org.uk. We will then send an invitation to people who have recently requested a pack. Please note we cannot let you have the email addresses of the individuals. outreach@quaker.org.uk

Support material
Toolkit for Action
Britain Yearly Meeting has put together a ‘Toolkit for Action’ to help Friends take more effective action on issues they care about. Drawing from knowledge and stories of Friends’ witness across the UK.
Eight guides are available for meetings and individuals to use. These cover topics from how to plan effective action for change and organise actions, to reaching the media and engaging elected representatives.
Visit www.quaker.org.uk/toolkit-for-action
If you would like paper copies, please contact
Maya Williams, 020 7663 1056, mayaw@quaker.org.uk
Encounters  accompaniment
The Quaker Life Network Mental Health in Meetings Cluster has developed a leaflet to accompany the book ‘Encounters with mental distress: Quaker stories’ that it published in 2015.
The new leaflet gives ideas on how Quakers might use the book to explore mental health, mental illness and issues relating to mental wellbeing in Quaker communities.
Find the leaflet enclosed or online at www.quaker.org.uk/documents/encounters-accompaniment.
Oliver Waterhouse, 020 7663 1007, qlnetwork@quaker.org.uk

Friends World Committee for Consultation
Support for Friends World Committee for Consultation
Representatives serving on Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) ask for your prayerful upholding and financial support of FWCC’s work. Quaker concerns cross continents and varied ways
of worship and theology. We hope you can help support FWCC as it ontinues to connect Friends in our work, our worship and our lives. Marleen Schepers, 020 7663 1143, marleens@quaker.org.uk www.quaker.org.uk/qwrc

Church Government: a questionnaire
Please would you take a few minutes to complete this online questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ChurchGov
The Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group is keen to find out more about how Friends in Britain currently use Quaker faith & practice (Qf&p). In particular, we want to know whether and how Friends who have been appointed to various roles in the society use the church government sections of Qf&p to help them (chapters 3–9 and 11–17). This will be helpful in any future revision. Whether you use Qf&p often or infrequently, your thoughts are important to us.
Deadline for completing questionnaire: 12 January 2017 Michael Booth, 020 7663 1023, qfp@quaker.org.uk


Come and meet us

During Quaker Week members of Cardigan/Aberteifi meeting will be at The Guildhall Market in the centre of the town on Saturday 1st and Thursday 6th October 09:00 - 16:30. Come along and find out who we are and what we are about.

The Guildhall Market,
The Guildhall
Cardigan / Aberteifi
SA43 1JL




The bulletin of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, including reports from the World Plenary Meeting in Peru.

The journal of Europe & Middle East Section of FWCC, including report on a vigil held outside the Eurosatory arms fair in Paris in June. Paper copy will arrive September

‘So you’ve read Quaker faith & practice, what next?’
4–6 November 2016, Woodbrooke, Birmingham
A weekend organised by the Book of Discipline Revision Preparation  Group especially for Friends of less than about 10 years standing, or certainly people who’ve come to Friends since the last time our book was revised! A chance to reflect on the spiritual experience of reading Quaker faith & practice and to consider its meaning in our lives.
Bookings via Woodbrooke on 0121 472 5171 or online at
www.bit.ly/wbform1. Other enquiries to qfp@quaker.org.uk

Exploring Being Friends Together
10 October 2016, Woodbrooke, Birmingham
A day to explore the Being Friends Together website and how to use it as a tool in your meeting’s learning and growing together. No skill or experience is necessary; this is an ideal opportunity for  clerks, elders or anyone involved in developing the life and learning of the meeting to find out more about this treasure trove of resources, ideas and workshops.
Email together@quaker.org.uk to find out more and to book a place.

A weekend event for newcomers at Charney Manor
4–6 November 2016, Charney Manor
New to Quakers? Want to explore Quaker worship? This weekend is for people who know little or nothing about Quakers,  and for those who have been around Quakers a while and want to  explore further. Come and find out more about core Quaker beliefs,  discover Quaker worship and hear how Quakers live their lives.
How to book: Download the booking form at: www.charneymanor.com/events
Email: admin@charneymanor.com Telephone: 01235 868206

Echo Chamber: Voices of conscience – an exhibition from the Quaker Arts Network
18 August–2 September, Friends House, London
The Quaker Arts Network will host an exhibition at Friends House. The exhibition focuses on conscientious objection drawing inspiration from COs during World War I and bringing our understanding of conscience up to date.
Open 11am–4pm daily (except bank holiday Monday 29 August).
Link: ECHO CHAMBER flyer pdf

Workshop to explore engaging 0–3s and families in meetings
15 October 2016 and 12 November 2016
Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge and Bristol
These workshops aim to encourage and support meetings to engage with 0–3s and families in meetings including identifying what steps meetings need to take to encourage families to come and to be ready when they do.
Thais de Oliveira, 020 7663 1013, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk

Apply for a QPSW Sustainability & New Economy grant
Got ideas for a project that will help to build low-carbon, sustainable communities or a more just kind of economics? Apply for £100–£2,000 before 3 October 2016.
Find out more at: www.quaker.org.uk/sustainabilitygrants

Engaging with your local policing bodies
Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) in England and Wales, and the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) are responsible for setting policing policy, practice and budgets in our communities. The enclosed flyer gives details of a new briefing from QPSW Crime, Community and Justice Subcommittee for Friends wanting to engage with these public servants.
Paula Harvey, Crime, Community and Justice Programme Manager
020 7663 1036, ccj@quaker.org.uk


July Notices

Quaker Service Information Form

Completing a Quaker Service Information Form (QSIF) is a good way to get involved with the wider work of the yearly meeting. All the BYM nominations committees refer to QSIFs when undertaking discernment to find names for roles such as committee members or for event support. They are keen to get to know more Friends in this way to enable our work to flourish.

Dora Hangrad-Banyai, 020 7663 1115

A LINK TO PDF with more information


New economy booklets now available

The new economy project exists to support Quaker discernment about our economic system and how it could be improved. To do this, we are producing seven booklets about different aspects of the economy.

The first two booklets are now available! Booklet one asks ‘What’s the economy for?’ and explores alternative ways to measure economic progress. Booklet two looks at work and business structures that would be compatible with Quaker values.

You can read the booklets online at www.quaker.org.uk/new-economy or order paper copies for yourself or your meeting from:

Cait Crosse, 020 7663 1035, caitc@quaker.org.uk


Books of the month LINK to PDF

Upcoming courses at Woodbrook LINK to PDF

CIRcular for Friends involved in Ecumenical and interfaith work LINK to PDF

Friends House Hospitality Company report 2015 LINK to PDF

The Good Energy leaflet LINK to PDF


quaker peace and social witness news

From 1–3 April, we held the QPSW Spring Conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire. Friends attended workshops on militarism, Trident, the ‘new economy’, climate justice, ecumenical accompaniment in Palestine and Israel, and more. Our keynote speaker, Hannah Brock, a former Peaceworker and Ecumenical Accompanier (EA), told us about her Quaker faith and her activist journey. We know that she has inspired at least two people to apply to be an EA!
[you will find a report on this conference in Area Minute minutes from Milford Haven in June]

On Saturday 3 December, we will hold the third Quaker Activist Gathering in York. Please note that this is a change of date and venue and we would very much appreciate if you would circulate these new details to Friends in your meeting. The gathering will be a chance for Quakers wanting to take action for social change to meet with others, learn, plan and be inspired. We will send out more information in the next mailing and in our newsletters. You can also keep an eye on the website www.quaker.org.uk/events as we will post details there.

Please do also browse the Our Work section of the new website www.quaker.org.uk/our-work. This gives you more information about QPSW’s work and lots of resources and opportunities for action. And the new Turning the Tide website is now launched with lots of information about TTT courses and resources for groups wanting to take action http://turningtide.org.uk/

‘Peace Education or Militarisation?’ Submission to UN Committee on Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

QPSW’s Peace Education Programme made a submission to the UNCRC. It highlights the UK Government’s:
  • failure to adequately support peace education in accordance with Article 29 of the UNCRC
  • continued military recruitment of 16 and 17  year olds in circumstances that undermine the safeguards in Article 3 of the Optional Protocol to the CRC on the involvement of children in armed conflict, as well as infringing the rights in Articles 3, 5 and 24 of the CRC itself
  • the encroachment of the military in children and young people’s lives
  • the marginalisation resulting from the Prevent counterterrorism strategy 
Read the submission [PDF]

Stop Trident parliamentary lobby

Quakers in Britain are joining other peace organisations to take the Stop Trident message to Parliament on Wednesday 13 July. It is the last chance to influence MPs before they vote on whether or not to replace Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system. For more information contact Tim Wallis: timw@quaker.org.uk

Rethinking Security

Quakers, other peacebuilders and academics have joined together to say #RethinkSecurity. Known as the Ammerdown Group, they are seeking a public conversation in search of a new vision for peace and security.
The group challenges the "outmoded narrative” which focuses on military and economic power without looking at the roots of insecurity. With the new paper Rethinking Security, the group calls for a public conversation in search of a new vision for peace and security.
Visit www.rethinkingsecurity.org.uk to learn more.

Say no to TTIP!

Alongside four other Quaker organisations from Europe and the United States, QPSW has produced a statement asking governments to say ‘no’ to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the controversial mega trade deal being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.
The statement was produced jointly by Quaker Peace & Social Witness, Quaker Council for European Affairs, American Friends Service Committee, Friends Committee on National Legislation and the Quaker United Nations Office. It was sent to representatives of the UK and US governments, and the EU trade commissioner.
The statement highlights concern that TTIP negotiations are prioritising short-term economic gains over human wellbeing and protection of the Earth. Among other things, the deal is set to enable foreign companies to sue governments for introducing social, environmental, health or other legislation believed to threaten profitability.

Take action

With the next round of TTIP negotiations due to take place in July, it’s vital that decision-makers hear our opposition to the trade deal. You can get involved by writing to your MP, local council and MEPs.
Find out more about our work on trade and economic justice at www.quaker.org.uk/trade.

New economy

The first two new economy booklets are now available! The new economy series explores different aspects of the economy and asks what an alternative economic system, compatible with Quaker values, could look like. The booklets are intended as a resource to support Friends to reflect on economic change and how we can work, as Quakers, to build a fairer and more sustainable economy.
The first booklet, entitled What’s the economy for? discusses the aims of economic policy, the dangers of perpetual economic growth and how we might measure economic success. The second booklet, Good work in the new economy looks at how we can use economic policy to support fulfilling paid and unpaid work and how business might be reformed to realise this vision.
The booklets are available online at www.quaker.org.uk/new-economy. You can also order paper copies for yourself or your meeting by contacting Cait Crosse at caitc@quaker.org.uk or on 020 7663 1035.  

Economic inequality

Have a look at our new guide for taking action on inequality!
In this new guide, we outline five actions Quakers and meetings can get involved with to help tackle economic inequality. We draw on action already being taken by Friends across the UK.
We know that many Friends are already acting to challenge inequality, and that the yearly meeting is increasingly concerned about its impact on our society. We hope this guide will spark new ideas and help to share what Quakers are doing.
You can read more about our work on economic inequality, and download further resources, at www.quaker.org.uk/our-work/economic-justice/inequality.
We’d love to hear from you if your meeting is already taking action on these issues, or would like to do more. Please get in touch by contacting Jo at joh@quaker.org.uk or on 020 7663 1056.

QPSW Sustainability and New Economy grants

Have you got an idea for a project that will help to build low-carbon, sustainable communities or a more just kind of economics? You can apply for a QPSW grant of £100–£2000 to help you get started with, or develop, your project.
In previous years we have supported the creation of biodiverse garden spaces, the development of local currencies, accommodation for destitute migrants, community workshops on low-carbon living, a show about the history of land rights and protest, and many other Quaker-led or Quaker-supported initiatives. We’d love to fund your project this year. Applications for 2017 are now open, and will close on 3 October 2016.
For more information, go to www.quaker.org.uk/sustainabilitygrants. Before applying, please contact Jo (QPSW) at joh@quaker.org.uk or on 020 7663 1056 to discuss your project.