some May notices

Link to Books of the Month
Talking trident a workshop for Friends to have more productive conversions about Trident. Link to information
Tim Wallis of Quaker Peace & Social Witness has written a book and
is offering to run workshops and talks about Trident between now and
the expected vote in parliament later this autumn. The book,
The Truth About Trident is available from the Quaker Bookshop. If you buy one copy you can get a second copy half-price to give to your MP using the order form link below .
Tim Wallis, 020 7663 1067, timw@quaker.org.uk
Link to special offer for the book "The Truth about Trident" Half price!

Link to QPSW sustainability and new economy grants leaflet
These grants support Quaker-led or Quaker-supported projects
focused on building low-carbon, sustainable communities or a more
just type of economics. You can apply for £100–£2,000 to help you get
started with, or develop, a project between now and 3 October 2016.
Successful applicants will receive their grant money in January 2017.
Find out more at: www.quaker.org.uk/sustainabilitygrants
To apply, contact Ellie Roberts, 020 7664 1056, ellier@quaker.org.uk

Link to Love and Lost leaflet Talking about love, loss and death
Friends and meetings are encouraged to have conversations about dying and death. The leaflet may help with this. Friends who attended the recent Quaker Life Representative Council spent the whole weekend on this topic and found it a deeply spiritual occasion. Your area meeting representative may be able to help your meeting to begin the conversation.
Michael S Booth, 020 7663 1023, michaelsb@quaker.org.uk
August 2016, Friends House, London
‘Echo Chamber: Voices of conscience’ is a sound and photography exhibition marking 100 years of conscientious objection. It will be held in Friends House in August 2016. Artists Ruth Davey and Fiona Meadley invite relatives of World War I conscientious objectors (COs) to participate in the exhibition by taking photographs of themselves holding a portrait of their CO relative.
More details can be found at www.look-again.org/echo-chamber
For further details of how to get involved contact: Fiona Meadley, 01453 828268, fi ona@patiopeople.com or Ruth Davey, 01453 298803, ruth@look-again.org


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