July Notices

Quaker Service Information Form

Completing a Quaker Service Information Form (QSIF) is a good way to get involved with the wider work of the yearly meeting. All the BYM nominations committees refer to QSIFs when undertaking discernment to find names for roles such as committee members or for event support. They are keen to get to know more Friends in this way to enable our work to flourish.

Dora Hangrad-Banyai, 020 7663 1115

A LINK TO PDF with more information


New economy booklets now available

The new economy project exists to support Quaker discernment about our economic system and how it could be improved. To do this, we are producing seven booklets about different aspects of the economy.

The first two booklets are now available! Booklet one asks ‘What’s the economy for?’ and explores alternative ways to measure economic progress. Booklet two looks at work and business structures that would be compatible with Quaker values.

You can read the booklets online at www.quaker.org.uk/new-economy or order paper copies for yourself or your meeting from:

Cait Crosse, 020 7663 1035, caitc@quaker.org.uk


Books of the month LINK to PDF

Upcoming courses at Woodbrook LINK to PDF

CIRcular for Friends involved in Ecumenical and interfaith work LINK to PDF

Friends House Hospitality Company report 2015 LINK to PDF

The Good Energy leaflet LINK to PDF

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