at meeting 25/03/2018

Ministry included two partial sections of Advices & Queries
5: Appreciate that doubt and questioning can also lead to spiritual growth and to a greater awareness of the Light that is in us all.
Cofiwch y gall amheuaeth a chwestiynu arwain hefyd at dwf ysbrydol ac at ymwybyddiaeth ehangach o’r Goleuni sydd ynom oll.

7: Be aware of the spirit of God at work in the ordinary activities and experience of your daily life. Spiritual learning continues throughout life, and often in unexpected ways. There is inspiration to be found all around us, in the natural world, in the sciences and arts, in our work and friendships, in our sorrows as well as in our joys.

Ymglywch ag ysbryd Duw ar waith yng ngweithgareddau cyffredin a phrofiad eich byw beunyddiol. Pery addysg ysbrydol gydol bywyd, yn aml mewn ffyrdd annisgwyl. Ceir ysbrydoliaeth o’n hamgylch ym mhobman, ym myd natur, yn y gwyddorau a’r celfyddydau, yn ein gwaith a’n cyfeillgarwch, yn ein gofidiau fel yn ein llawenydd.


And later:

Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Ar hynny, calonogwch eich gilydd, ac adeladwch bob un ei gilydd – fel, yn wir, yr ydych yn gwneud

We were remembering those who are no longer with us and how to make sense of it. The mysteries of life, and death - and how the dogwood in a vase over 6 weeks just wants to keep growing.


Glenthorne Quaker Guest House and Conference Centre

There are still spaces left on some of the spring special Interest holidays:

Renewing ourselves in Sound and Silence. Friday 6th  - Sunday 8th April

Finding out about Quakers. A weekend for newcomers.  Friday 13th - Sunday 15th April

Boat, Boot and Goat.  Monday 16th - Friday 20th April

Walking holiday.   - Monday 30th April - Frdiay 4th May

You can browse through all the holidays/courses on the new website www.glenthorne.org, there will be something that catches your attention!


Reading on February 28th 2018

At Meeting for Worship at a Friend's home

Advices & Queries 22

Respect the wide diversity among us in our lives and relationships. Refrain from making prejudiced judgments about the life journeys of others. Do you foster the spirit of mutual understanding and forgiveness which our discipleship asks of us? Remember that each one of us is unique, precious, a child of God.

March 2018 notices from Quakers in Britain

Yearly Meeting 2018
Registration for Yearly Meeting 2018 is now open at www.quaker.org.uk/ym
Yearly Meeting is for everyone, whether or not they have been before, and those unable to attend
can still support the discernment of Yearly Meeting. This year we will be asking ourselves how Quaker faith & practice should look for the next generation.
Within the next few days you will receive the first set of Yearly Meeting documents: Preparing for Yearly Meeting, Agenda and Notes and Epistles and Testimonies. Please ensure these are widely circulated within your meeting. Friends should find Preparing for Yearly Meeting helpful in terms of both practical and spiritual preparation

Young People’s Programme 2018
4-7 May 2018, Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead
Do you have young people in your meeting (aged 11-15) who would benefit from the opportunity to attend the Young People’s Programme (YPP) at Yearly Meeting 2018? Limited places available. Young People's Programme 2018 flyer (PDF)
Booking by 18 March at www.quaker.org.uk/events/ypp2018 cypadmin@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1013

Live Adventurously: A residential event for 8-11 year olds
25–27 July 2018, Gilwell Park Activity Centre, Essex
This event gives participants the chance to try all sorts of adventurous activities. There will be fun, games, a chance to make new friends, worship and thinking about what it means to ‘live adventurously’ as a Quaker. The cost is £80 per person which includes travel from Friends House, all food and activities. LINK TO LEAFLET
Mel Cook: melaniec@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1014

Action on nuclear disarmament
Friends have been asking what they can do next now that the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been adopted.
‘A guide to calling on the UK government to attend the 2018 UN High- Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament from May 14-16’ provides some tips as well as key phrases to use when writing to your MP to call on the UK government to attend the conference at the highest level. Available shortly at www.quaker.org.uk/nuclear-disarmament
Sahdya Darr, sahdyad@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1108

Fly kites not drones
18–25 March 2018
Reclaim the sky for peace this Persian New Year (Nao Roz) by flying kites not drones. Everything you need to know to make kites and explore the issue of armed drones is at dronecampaignnetwork fly kites not drones blog
Order a pack LINK on this webpage £5 from Quaker book shop
At QPSW we’d love to see your kites via email: ellisb@quaker.org.uk or @kitesnotdrones on Twitter

Recruiting for 2 QPSW UK based peaceworkers
One year fixed term contracts with UK peace organisations starting in September 2018
Opportunity to work in a UK peace organisation for a year, funded by QPSW, on issues including addressing the roots of conflict, innovative work on nuclear weapons and militarism especially in schools.
If chosen you’ll be offered a place with an organisation which we think matches your skills. www.quaker.org.uk/job-opportunities/jobs

Seeking Ecumenical Accompaniers – human rights monitors
Quakers in Britain are recruiting Ecumenical Accompaniers to serve in the West Bank and Israel in 2019 for 3 months’ service.
The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) provides protection by presence, monitors human rights abuses, supports Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and advocates for an end to the occupation.
For more information and to download an application pack please check the website: www.quaker.org.uk/applyeappi

Help QPSW take action on climate change
Quaker Peace& Social Witness and Friends across the country are calling on the UK government to tackle climate change. To do this, we want to know what parliament thinks about climate policy. We’re asking Friends to help us do this by writing to their MP and sharing responses with us. If you can help, visit the climate justice page on the Quaker website at www.quaker.org.uk/climatejustice, where we have provided more information and some guidance questions. If you’d like support to engage with your MP, or to take action on climate change, please contact Chris Walker using the details below.
Chris Walker, chrisw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1047

Christian Aid Week 2018
13–19 May 2018
Quakers are founding members and a sponsoring church of Christian Aid and have supported their work for over 70 years. Please continue to support them, especially during Christian Aid Week.
Further details at www.christianaid.org.uk/christian-aid-week

Talking Friends
Is there anyone in your meeting who is visually impaired or finds it difficult to read for other reasons? If so, you can help them to access Quaker publications such as the Friend, Quaker News and Friends Quarterly. A subscription to Talking Friends will give them audio recordings produced by volunteers at half the price of the printed publications. See the flyer for further information.
Contact Alan Johnson, alanjohnson1@blueyonder.co.uk 0121 476 0217, www.talkingfriends.org.uk


February Notices from Quakers in Britain / Britain Yearly Meeting

Books of the month link to PDF
Woodbrooke Upcoming Courses February 2018 link to pdf
Swarthmoor Hall 2018 Programme Guide link to pdf
Young Quakers Calendar link to pdf  
Gatherings & conferences
Yearly Meeting 2018
All Friends (whether in membership or not) are invited to participate in Yearly Meeting
to be held at Friends House, London from 4–7 May 2018. Enclosed in this mailing is the calling letter with registration details. Please circulate this letter to as many Friends in your meeting as possible.
Keynote speaker at QPSW Spring Conference announced
23–25 March, The Hayes conference centre, Derbyshire
The keynote speaker at the QPSW Spring Conference will be Elsie Whittington. Her keynote title is “Awkwardness as activism: embracing vulnerability in love, activism and witness”. The Spring Conference theme is ‘Journeys of Witness’.
Booking deadline extended to 11 February!
Kristin Skarsholt, bymevents@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1121
Sign up to new e-newsletter
Get the best of Britain Yearly Meeting’s digital content
Quake! is the new monthly email update on the work of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) and Quakers in Britain. It will include discussion
and exploration of Quaker life and worship, insights into faith-based activism, and links to new publications as well as the latest news, events and public statements from BYM. This newsletter replaces the Quaker Life Network monthly email and aims to provide an essential monthly digest of the best of our digital content.
Sign up to Quake! HERE
Meetings and mental health
Friends Quarterly Quakers and mental health
The theme of the current Friends Quarterly. is mental health with articles written by Quakers from a range of perspectives. A complimentary copy has been sent to us.
Oliver Waterhouse, oliverw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1007
New leaflet: Mental health in our meetings
Quaker Life has just published this new leaflet on mental health in
our meetings. It offers advice and guidance to help meetings respond when mental distress is present. It is a helpful resource for those with responsibility for eldership and oversight and useful for all Quakers to be aware of. A copy is available in Meeting and we can order more.
Spiritual life of the meeting
Experiment with Light
Quaker Life recognises that for some Friends, Experiment with Light can be a powerful way of deepening their spiritual life. Experience has shown that the practice contributes best to the life of the meeting when it is undertaken in a group that is in the care of the meeting and supported by elders. In 2018 Experiment with Light Network offers opportunities for people with a range of experience of the practice.
Friends can find out about the practice from a very basic level of understanding or, as a practitioner, might wish to be immersed in a 24-hour retreat, or local meetings might request a workshop.
Quaker Week 2018
29 September 7 October 2018
Have you started planning your outreach for Quaker Week 2018?
We hope even more meetings will get involved this year. Details of the theme, ideas for activities and a range of resources will be shared over the next few months. There will be regular updates in the clerks mailing and information on the Quaker Week web page. Remember for outreach to be most effective you may need to go out into your local community rather that expecting people to cross the threshold of the meeting house.
Children and young people
Growing as an all age community?
There are opportunities for meetings to be helped and supported in developing as all age communities. These are: hosting one of a range of workshops, considering how the new ‘All are welcome’ resource can be used and inviting a facilitator to an area / local meeting event. These are offered by the volunteer Children and Young People’s Work Training Team, supported by Quaker Life staff.
CYP administrator, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1013
Adult Education grants available
Grants are available for Quaker members and attenders continuing their education as mature students within the post-compulsory education sector, including vocational, further or higher education or continuing professional development. The grants are particularly
aimed at those studying to equip themselves to serve society and/or Quakers in Britain. Applicants should be in need of financial support to take the course and the course should be offered at a reputable institution within the UK. Please see the grant-making page of the Quakers in Britain website HERE
Closing date 30 April.
Ann Pfeiffer annp@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1053
Quaker witness
Quakers challenging torture
With this new leaflet Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture
(Q-CAT) hopes to raise awareness of the continuing scourge that is torture in the world today, what Quakers can do about this problem and how to find out more and get involved. (Erratum: the word ‘use’ is missing at the end of ‘Quakers and Torture section in printed copy that we have.)



September notices from Friends House

Books of the Month September 2017 from the Quaker Centre Bookshop. LINK

Woodbrooke upcoming courses: Upcoming events and courses September 2017 LINK.

Among Friends Issue 139, Summer 2017 [I find this broader look at Quakers of Europe & Middle East interesting MH] This issue includes: the epistle and photos of EMES Annual Meeting in Bonn; the epistle of Nordic Yearly Meeting; reports of Church & Peace AGM and Central European Gathering; news from Woodbrooke and QCEA.Paper copy available in Meeting LINK to PDF version

Earth and Economy Issue 10, Summer 2017 Economic Issues, Sustainability & Peace Programmes from Quaker Peace & Social Witness.This issue includes a look at movement- building, plus updates on fossil fuel divestment, new economy work and the support available to meetings wishing to take action.Paper copy available in Meeting  LINK to PDF version

Swarthmoor Hall 2018 Residential Programme Preview
A handy guide to the Swarthmoor Hall programme in 2018. Courses cover early Quaker history & spirituality, vocal ministry and Quaker Theology. Swarthmoor Hall also runs retreats and Quaker pilgrimages. New for 2018 is a pilgrimage for German speakers.  LINK to PDFThere will be a copy available at Meeting, but if you would like one for yourself contact info@swarthmoorhall.co.uk

Engaging with Families an event for elders, overseers and other interested Friends
Saturday 11 November 2017, Friends House, London& Saturday 2 December 2017, Lancaster Meeting House
An event bringing together elders, overseers and others to explore how meetings might engage imaginatively with families and encourage them on their spiritual journeys. Each day will include short presentations with opportunities to take part in open and creative conversations in small groups. We don’t aim to provide simple answers or identify the ‘next new thing’ to do. Together we will think deeply about how our Quaker meetings might reach out to, connect with and be enriched by families. The day is free, including refreshments and lunch. Advanced booking essential: book by 30 October for London and by 20 November for Lancaster.

For booking details see https://forms.quaker.org.uk/families or contact 020 7663 1013, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk

God, Words and Us
A book about Quakers in conversation about religious difference is coming soon. It may help with your meeting’s spiritual preparation for Yearly Meeting 2018.
Quaker Centre Bookshop, www.quaker.org.uk/resources/bookshop 020 7663 1030/1125, quakercentre@quaker.org.uk £8

Sharing our treasures at Woodbrooke!
17–19 November 2017, Woodbrooke, Birmingham
How are we nourished and nurtured to live out our Quaker faith in the world? What keeps us grounded and feeds our inner lives? How do we tell our stories and share our experience with others: in our meetings and in our lives? Reflective, practical and experiential,
this weekend will be an opportunity to explore and deepen our own spiritual practice. We will experience and experiment with ways of deepening our encounters and gain some ideas to help us share our life stories and Quaker journey with others. Led by Alistair Fuller, Gill Sewell and Caro Humphries.
Bookings and details at https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/item/ something-to-be-treasured-something-to-be-shared/

Join the QLN Network Outreach Cluster
Are you part of the Outreach Cluster of the Quaker Life Network? We hope every meeting will have at least one Friend signed up for the outreach cluster newsletter! Get regular updates on leaflets, posters, outreach initiatives and read stories of other meetings’ activities.
These regular emails also share information, tips and opportunities for sharing outreach experience! Keep up to date with Quakers in Britain outreach, be inspired and have a chance to share your challenges and successes with other Quakers.

You can be a Sanctuary Meeting
The Quakers’ new national migrants’ rights programme has launched. Any local or area meeting that wants to can become a Sanctuary Meeting. If you want to become a Sanctuary Meeting, you will be supported through training, networking and retreats to help welcome newcomers to Britain, build alliances against racism and work together for political change. LINK to Q&A FLYER
Send any questions or indeed your decision to become a Sanctuary Meeting to sanctuary@quaker.org.uk

QPSW Relief grant and Simmons grant applications open next month
QPSW Relief grants of up to £4,000 per year for a maximum of three years will be available for projects both overseas and in the UK for peace-building, and addressing relief of people who are suffering as a result of social and economic deprivation, natural disasters,
climate change, war or conflict but not immediate crisis relief. Simmons grants of about £1,500 for one year will be available to aid Quakers’ support / involvement in overseas projects helping rural young people become self-sufficient, or with a similar educational purpose. The deadline for applications is the end of February. 020 7663 1053, annp@quaker.org.uk

FWCC peace calendar
Friends World Committee for Consultation and the Quaker Arts Network have created a beautiful calendar to celebrate the diverse peacemaking activities of Friends around the world, and to inspire and strengthen further witness.
We hope that calendar sales will raise funds for FWCC in support of Quaker work, and also serve as inspiration and outreach. It has been designed as a wall calendar to hang in the meeting house, office or home, and would be a lovely gift for Friends or others this Christmas
if more than one person interested we could order together

A Quaker funeral (leaflet)
Quaker Life has produced a new leaflet that meetings can use when holding a funeral or memorial meeting. The leaflet has been written in plain English and is easy for non-Quakers to understand. One copy  of the leaflet in Meeting; Quaker Life is encouraging meetings to order this leaflet instead of printing the previous version. LINK to PDF VERSION
If several people would like the leaflet we can order MH