July Monthly Notices

Books of the Month July 2018 from the Quaker Centre Bookshop. LINK to pdf
Woodbrooke Upcoming Courses July 2018 Please display this courses listing. Booking details are given on the listing. LINK to pdf
The Young Quaker Issue 18, May 2018 This edition explores the idea and issues around finding a home, both as a physical reality and a spiritual concept. LINK to PDF

UK Peaceworkers 2 into 3
A big thank you to all of those who have given to the UK Peaceworker scheme. So far we
have raised £3,851 (including gift aid). So we are well on our way to reaching our target of
£6,000, which would enable us to employ a third peaceworker! There is still time to give LINK to Just Giving page, or you can text “QUAK23 £5” to 70070 to give £5 by text.
Vicky Torrance, victoriat@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1117

Children and young people
Facilitation and Leadership
Friday 19 – Sunday 21 October 2018, Woodbrooke
Facilitation and Leadership is an invigorating event for 15- to 21-year- olds. It will help them understand how groups form and how they work together through exploring theories and trying out facilitation and leadership skills.
For those new to facilitation and for those with previous experience.
Participants will develop confidence, understanding and skills alongside considering how to engage with Quaker aspects of facilitation. LINK to FLYER pdf
Cat Waithaka, catw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1011

Quaker Week and outreach
Quaker Week 2018
29 September – 7 October 2018
This year’s theme is ‘Room for more’. As Quakers we offer a table rich with good things, but recognise it could be more inclusive. There is room for more at the table – how can we let people know there’s a space for them? Quaker Week posters will be delivered to Clerks by mid-August. There are still some recipe book ideas packs left - get in touch if you would like one (email address below).
You can still book your speaker for Quaker Week - we can offer speakers on a wide range of subjects. Speaking engagements must be finalised by the end of July, so get requests in now to avoid disappointment.

Finding out about Quakers
Two events for newcomers:
New to Quakers? Want to explore Quaker Worship?
     Wed 26 to Fri 28 September at Charney Manor, Oxfordshire LINK.
     Fri 28 to Sun 30 September at Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston. LINK
One event for those worshippers thinking about membership:
Ever thought of joining the Quakers
     Fri 26 to Sunday 28 October at Charney Manor, Oxfordshire. LINK
Charney Manor, admin@charneymanor.com, 01235 868206
Swarthmoor Hall, info@swarthmoorhall.co.uk, 01229 583204


Overseers Relief Grants
Grants of up to several thousand pounds (but usually less) are available to assist local overseers in their support of Quakers and their families in a situation of hardship and suffering through old age, infirmity, disability, bereavement, single parenthood, other financial needs. Also to provide assistance to children with special educational needs. These grants are available in cases where local funds have been fully used or are not available. Applications should be made via the local overseer (or equivalent) to the Grants Programme Officer at Friends House.
Ann Pfeiffer, annp@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1053

Bridging the gap: hope and action
19–21 October 2018, Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire
Climate change is huge and complex. It needs joined-up responses. For Quakers that means changing lives, developing vibrant low- carbon meetings and working with others for system change, all rooted in our deepening faith. This October’s BYM Sustainability Gathering is about making connections and breathing new life into your own and your meeting’s engagement. Do join us! LINK to FLYER pdf

Andrew McVicar, bymevents@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1119


Advices & Queries 30/05/2018 Cynghorion a Holiadau

27. Live adventurously. When choices arise, do you take the way that offers the fullest opportunity for the use of your gifts in the service of God and the community? Let your life speak. When decisions have to be made, are you ready to join with others in seeking clearness, asking for God’s guidance and offering counsel to one another?
28. Every stage of our lives offers fresh opportunities. Responding to divine guidance, try to discern the right time to undertake or relinquish responsibilities without undue pride or guilt. Attend to what love requires of you, which may not be great busyness.
27. Byddwch fyw yn anturus. Pan fo modd dewis, a ddewiswch y llwybr a rydd ichwi fwyaf o gyfle i ddefnyddio’ch doniau yng ngwasanaeth Duw a’r gymuned? Boed i’ch bywyd lefaru. Pan fo’n rhaid penderfynu, a ydych yn barod i ymuno ag eraill wrth chwilio am lwybr eglur, gan ofyn am arweiniad Duw a chan gynnig cyngor y naill i’r llall?
28. Ym mhob gris yn ein bywyd y mae cyfleusterau newydd o hyd. Gan ymateb i arweiniad dwyfol, ceisiwch ymglywed รข’r adeg briodol i ysgwyddo neu i drosglwyddo cyfrifoldebau heb falchder nac euogrwydd amhriodol. Gofalwch am yr hyn a ofyn cariad oddi arnoch; efallai nad prysurdeb mawr mo hynny.

Photo: blog author at our Friend's house where we held a well attended Meeting for Worship

monthly notices June 2018 Mehefin hysbysiadau misol

Books of the Month June 2018 from the Quaker Centre Bookshop includes  offer for this year’s Swarthmore lecture book & t shirt. LINK TO ONLINE PDF

Woodbrooke Upcoming Courses June 2018 LINK TO ONLINE PDF

Support peace work
Quaker Peaceworker scheme – Investing in fresh talent in the UK peace movement

The scheme gives a year-long opportunity to work in a peace organisation for two committed individuals. Peaceworkers use their talents to do new and innovative work, which would not otherwise be possible. This year’s applications for the scheme have been

exceptionally high quality. Thanks to a number of generous grants we almost have enough money to employ a third peaceworker – but we are £6,000 short! Can you help us bridge the gap?

We have a Justgiving page for Friends who would like to support this work: http://bit.ly/2INTO3
 click on photo to enlarge
Quaker Mental Health Forum
Saturday, 3 November, 10am to 4pm, The Priory Rooms, Birmingham
Quaker Life works to support meetings experiencing difficulties relating to mental health. We work in partnership with organisations involved in Quaker work on mental health. The Quaker Mental Health Forum is funded by the Retreat Benevolent Fund and the theme this year is ‘Mental Health and Young People’. Quaker Life would like to make this event known about widely in Quaker communities. All area meetings and other Quaker communities are encouraged to send a representative to the day.
Alison Mitchell, alisonmitchellmhdo@theretreatyork.org.uk 07483 028 490

Quaker Housing Trust 50th Anniversary Work Review
A new booklet lists all the housing projects supported by Yearly Meeting’s own charity in its 50th anniversary year, using the money given by Friends and meetings. For more information about Quaker Housing Trust’s work and publications, and further copies of this booklet, contact: Paula Harvey, involveme@qht.org.uk, 020 7663 1036 www.qht.org.uk

Sustainability & New Economy Grants – apply now!
Have you got a project idea that will help build a low-carbon community, or a more just local economy?
Perhaps there are individuals in your meeting who are active that you want to support. Or as a meeting you are working on a project or with others in your community for climate or economic justice? If so consider applying for a QPSW Sustainability & New Economy grant.Deadline 15 October 2018
Get in touch with Maya Williams if you want to know more: mayaw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1056 www.quaker.org.uk/sustainability-economy-grants


Children and young people
Pilgrimage in 1652 Country
19–22 October 2018, Yealand, Lancaster
The Quaker Pilgrimage for 12- to 15-year-olds provides an opportunity for young Quakers to follow in the footsteps of George Fox and other early Quakers alongside their peers. We will be visiting sites such as Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell, and Swarthmoor Hall. There will also be time for worship, games, activities and reflection on the day’s experiences. LINK TO ONLINE PDF FLYER
CYP administrator, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1013 
Quaker Week 2018
29 September – 7 October 2018
Last month ‘The Young Quaker’ podcast ‘Silence Special’ hit the headlines and gave people a real taste of Quakerism. With appetites whetted, Quaker Week is a chance to invite people to find out more. This year’s theme is ‘Room for More’. A ‘Recipe Book’ full of ideas on how to explore this year’s theme has been sent to your local meeting – have you found the joke yet?
You can still book a speaker for Quaker Week. We have lots of speakers on a wide range of subjects, so get your requests in now!


at meeting 25/03/2018

Ministry included two partial sections of Advices & Queries
5: Appreciate that doubt and questioning can also lead to spiritual growth and to a greater awareness of the Light that is in us all.
Cofiwch y gall amheuaeth a chwestiynu arwain hefyd at dwf ysbrydol ac at ymwybyddiaeth ehangach o’r Goleuni sydd ynom oll.

7: Be aware of the spirit of God at work in the ordinary activities and experience of your daily life. Spiritual learning continues throughout life, and often in unexpected ways. There is inspiration to be found all around us, in the natural world, in the sciences and arts, in our work and friendships, in our sorrows as well as in our joys.

Ymglywch ag ysbryd Duw ar waith yng ngweithgareddau cyffredin a phrofiad eich byw beunyddiol. Pery addysg ysbrydol gydol bywyd, yn aml mewn ffyrdd annisgwyl. Ceir ysbrydoliaeth o’n hamgylch ym mhobman, ym myd natur, yn y gwyddorau a’r celfyddydau, yn ein gwaith a’n cyfeillgarwch, yn ein gofidiau fel yn ein llawenydd.


And later:

Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Ar hynny, calonogwch eich gilydd, ac adeladwch bob un ei gilydd – fel, yn wir, yr ydych yn gwneud

We were remembering those who are no longer with us and how to make sense of it. The mysteries of life, and death - and how the dogwood in a vase over 6 weeks just wants to keep growing.


Glenthorne Quaker Guest House and Conference Centre

There are still spaces left on some of the spring special Interest holidays:

Renewing ourselves in Sound and Silence. Friday 6th  - Sunday 8th April

Finding out about Quakers. A weekend for newcomers.  Friday 13th - Sunday 15th April

Boat, Boot and Goat.  Monday 16th - Friday 20th April

Walking holiday.   - Monday 30th April - Frdiay 4th May

You can browse through all the holidays/courses on the new website www.glenthorne.org, there will be something that catches your attention!


Reading on February 28th 2018

At Meeting for Worship at a Friend's home

Advices & Queries 22

Respect the wide diversity among us in our lives and relationships. Refrain from making prejudiced judgments about the life journeys of others. Do you foster the spirit of mutual understanding and forgiveness which our discipleship asks of us? Remember that each one of us is unique, precious, a child of God.

March 2018 notices from Quakers in Britain

Yearly Meeting 2018
Registration for Yearly Meeting 2018 is now open at www.quaker.org.uk/ym
Yearly Meeting is for everyone, whether or not they have been before, and those unable to attend
can still support the discernment of Yearly Meeting. This year we will be asking ourselves how Quaker faith & practice should look for the next generation.
Within the next few days you will receive the first set of Yearly Meeting documents: Preparing for Yearly Meeting, Agenda and Notes and Epistles and Testimonies. Please ensure these are widely circulated within your meeting. Friends should find Preparing for Yearly Meeting helpful in terms of both practical and spiritual preparation

Young People’s Programme 2018
4-7 May 2018, Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead
Do you have young people in your meeting (aged 11-15) who would benefit from the opportunity to attend the Young People’s Programme (YPP) at Yearly Meeting 2018? Limited places available. Young People's Programme 2018 flyer (PDF)
Booking by 18 March at www.quaker.org.uk/events/ypp2018 cypadmin@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1013

Live Adventurously: A residential event for 8-11 year olds
25–27 July 2018, Gilwell Park Activity Centre, Essex
This event gives participants the chance to try all sorts of adventurous activities. There will be fun, games, a chance to make new friends, worship and thinking about what it means to ‘live adventurously’ as a Quaker. The cost is £80 per person which includes travel from Friends House, all food and activities. LINK TO LEAFLET
Mel Cook: melaniec@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1014

Action on nuclear disarmament
Friends have been asking what they can do next now that the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been adopted.
‘A guide to calling on the UK government to attend the 2018 UN High- Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament from May 14-16’ provides some tips as well as key phrases to use when writing to your MP to call on the UK government to attend the conference at the highest level. Available shortly at www.quaker.org.uk/nuclear-disarmament
Sahdya Darr, sahdyad@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1108

Fly kites not drones
18–25 March 2018
Reclaim the sky for peace this Persian New Year (Nao Roz) by flying kites not drones. Everything you need to know to make kites and explore the issue of armed drones is at dronecampaignnetwork fly kites not drones blog
Order a pack LINK on this webpage £5 from Quaker book shop
At QPSW we’d love to see your kites via email: ellisb@quaker.org.uk or @kitesnotdrones on Twitter

Recruiting for 2 QPSW UK based peaceworkers
One year fixed term contracts with UK peace organisations starting in September 2018
Opportunity to work in a UK peace organisation for a year, funded by QPSW, on issues including addressing the roots of conflict, innovative work on nuclear weapons and militarism especially in schools.
If chosen you’ll be offered a place with an organisation which we think matches your skills. www.quaker.org.uk/job-opportunities/jobs

Seeking Ecumenical Accompaniers – human rights monitors
Quakers in Britain are recruiting Ecumenical Accompaniers to serve in the West Bank and Israel in 2019 for 3 months’ service.
The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) provides protection by presence, monitors human rights abuses, supports Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and advocates for an end to the occupation.
For more information and to download an application pack please check the website: www.quaker.org.uk/applyeappi

Help QPSW take action on climate change
Quaker Peace& Social Witness and Friends across the country are calling on the UK government to tackle climate change. To do this, we want to know what parliament thinks about climate policy. We’re asking Friends to help us do this by writing to their MP and sharing responses with us. If you can help, visit the climate justice page on the Quaker website at www.quaker.org.uk/climatejustice, where we have provided more information and some guidance questions. If you’d like support to engage with your MP, or to take action on climate change, please contact Chris Walker using the details below.
Chris Walker, chrisw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1047

Christian Aid Week 2018
13–19 May 2018
Quakers are founding members and a sponsoring church of Christian Aid and have supported their work for over 70 years. Please continue to support them, especially during Christian Aid Week.
Further details at www.christianaid.org.uk/christian-aid-week

Talking Friends
Is there anyone in your meeting who is visually impaired or finds it difficult to read for other reasons? If so, you can help them to access Quaker publications such as the Friend, Quaker News and Friends Quarterly. A subscription to Talking Friends will give them audio recordings produced by volunteers at half the price of the printed publications. See the flyer for further information.
Contact Alan Johnson, alanjohnson1@blueyonder.co.uk 0121 476 0217, www.talkingfriends.org.uk