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Books of the month
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the first book is Spectacle Reality Restistance - confronting a culture on militarism.
An earlier post on the blog looks at some of these issue - Forces Watch came to Area Meeting LINK to post

Friends World Committee for Consultation

a letter from representatives from BYM on FWCC - a request for support:
"It is FWCC that gives all of us – Quakers in Britain and elsewhere – our international standing and voice. FWCC is connecting Friends, crossing cultures, and changing lives. Please read the enclosed letter to understand why we are appealing to you and your meeting to contribute to FWCC’s work this year". LINK to letter
THIS IS the website for more information

General Election

"How can we use the upcoming general election as a opportunity to speak out about the issues which matter to us? We have prepared an election guide to help you consider what you could do, both as individuals and as a meeting".
LINK to Quaker election blog If you use Twitter you can find Quaker Vote HERE tweets are by Jessica Metheringham, Quaker parliamentary engagement officer.

Why Prison?  also relates to General Election issues

Despite the widespread use of prison sentences in Britain, it is not always clear why people are sent there. The Crime, Community and Justice Subcommittee (CCJS) of Quaker Peace & Social Witness has produced a framework for discussion to explore the purposes, effectiveness and experience of imprisonment as a response to criminal actions. CCJS members are happy to come and facilitate a ‘Why Prison?’ workshop for your meeting, particularly between now and the general election.
LINK to Why Prison document [I think this is the one they mean...MH]

Thinking Through Threshing

[For more information on "Threshing" online leaflet LINK well worth a read!]
11am to 3pm, 14 March 2015 Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London
Rhiannon Grant and Rachel Muers invite volunteers to come and discuss their ideas about and any experiences of threshing processes as used among Quakers today. As part of a research project looking at how threshing is understood as one of our business methods, we are seeking feedback
from Friends about how it is used and talked about. Threshing can – but doesn’t always! – help to diffuse tension around a topic before a Meeting for Worship for Business, and we are especially interested in how Friends decide when to use it and for which topics. We hope that by participating in this discussion Friends will deepen their own understandings of threshing as a process.
Tea and coffee will be provided; we regret that this is a lowbudget research project and we cannot provide lunch or travel expenses.
Places are limited so please book in advance by emailing
gs09reg@leeds.ac.uk or telephoning 07789 120 256.
Friends interested in the topic but unable to attend the meeting are invited to contact Rhiannon Grant with their thoughts by emailing gs09reg@leeds.ac.uk
There will also be an online survey which Friends are invited to complete – for details email above
We anticipate that a report on the research will be available in May 2015.


Sunday February 1st

Some if the things that came up in notices and Meeting for Worship for Business
let me know what I might have missed! [MH]


Quaker Equality Week 6-15 March

The United Kingdom [UK] is one of the most unequal societies in the developed world. High levels of economic inequality present a fundamental challenge to Quaker testimony. It is also bad for us in social, economic and environmental terms. Then there is the inequality that exists worldwide...


A link to the briefing paper [PDF] Economic Inequality A Quaker Concern from Quaker Peace &

Social Action [a lot of solid facts and figures and references]

A link to more information on Economic Equality & Quaker Equality Week from Quaker UK website. Near the bottom of the page are links to two different statements from Quakers UK [and a link to further information...]

A link Food Banks are Not Enough a day conference held in Birmingham in November. I have combined two reports from people from South Wales Area Meeting who attended and the minute from the conference. [Note from blog post author: there are two very contrasting views from the two reports]

Quakeronmics a blog that encourages comment and debate, initiated by QP&SW link

Being Friends Together

A link to this huge resource [don't get lost]

Experimenting with Light

A link to the online version of the leaflet

[note from blog post author: I came across a recording of Rex Ambler talking about this and was very moved by it. Also whilst at Woodbrooke recently I had several conversations about it. A link to talk]

A link to the Experimenting with Light website

I [MH] read in Any Other Business from Quaker Faith & Practice 10.03
"Our shared experience of waiting for God’s guidance in our meetings for worship and for church affairs, together with careful listening and gentleness of heart, forms the basis on which we can live out a life of love with and for each other and for those outside our community."

A reminder of how Quaker Meetings take decisions link and as a leaflet, which might be easier on the eye, link

There will be an update with further information form Notices