The Unseen March - exposing the tide of militarisation

An increasing military presence is entering schools across Britain. Even as the government slashed education maintenance allowance (EMA), disabled students allowance (DSA) and mental health services for young people, £45 million of new military programmes have been introduced since 2011. Help us start a public conversation about militarism in our society.
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Note from MH: as is often the case material comes from BYM that is about devolved issues and only deals with England. So please note Wales, Scotland & NI do not necessary have the same policies for education as they do in England. Meeting for Friends in Wales talked of this problem at the meeting on June 27th.
The template letter to your MP is clear that it is about England.
I will research the situation in Wales - Forces Watch do have some information and will make a new post when I have some information

A link to a previous post with information about FORCESWATCH's visit to Area Meeting

BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme 28th June has Paul Parker discussing this subject http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0606mdd

A related topic from Quaker Council for European Affairs
Militarism in the European Union
An update for the European Council 25-27 June


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